Over the years, while traveling in Europe and in North America, Catherine developed a passion for photography. She has a keen interest in nature, wildlife and architecture images. She receives much satisfaction when the animal being photographed, accustomed to her presence, pursues its activities without any consideration for her.

While wildlife photography requires patience, extensive research and a tolerance to inclement weather, the most important aspect for Catherine is to respect the animal and its environment.

In 2017, Catherine participated for the first time in a National photography contest, achieving First place in the Animal Category and Best in Show.

Catherine specializes on Vancouver Island, its wildlife and architecture. She has an extensive stock of images reflecting that subject matter. She accepts freelance assignments for images on Vancouver Island. Catherine sells fine art prints to private and corporate clients and she offers informal outdoor photography workshops.

Catherine est fière de vous offrir tous ces services en français.


Enviro Friendly

Catherine Babault Photography is committed to reduce its impact on the environment. We acknowledge that Vancouver Island is a wild island with fragile ecosystems, which we are committed to protect from creeks to sea to sky, including its flora and fauna. We are committed to keep it clean and safe for the wildlife.


Tours and workshops

Catherine Babault Photography only hires local guides who understand and respect wildlife, who act responsibly by keeping a safe distant from the animals and do not attract them by any means like food.
Participants and the host keep a safe and respectable distance from any wildlife they might encounter during the workshops and tours. We do not harass, stalk, feed, bait or trap wildlife. We observe wildlife from afar with (hopefully) a good zoom lens in hand. If the animal chooses to get closer, it’s up to us to determine if he sees us as a threat, a delicious meal or just a funny looking human being. We reduce our impact on the environment by staying on designated trails and we pick up after ourselves. We promote car-pooling for the participants.



The flap seal clear bag used to package the cards are acid and lignin free, made of 10% recycled content. PP 5