Why taking a photo workshop?

I remember the first time I put my camera on Manual mode during a photography course. I questioned if I would ever be able to adjust the settings on my own or if it was as complicated as it looked. It seemed like a steep climb that only pros could succeed in.

Before taking the course, I had extensively read about the technical characteristics of cameras and lenses, and it gave me a fair idea of the mechanics inside the box and the science behind the image. But I didn’t know how to combine the technical stuff with my creative side in order to create images which clearly express my vision of the subject. Luckily our instructor was a professional photographer who knew how to make this task a little bit easier for us.

Light is key to photography: how does it lit up the subject and how does the camera capture it? Besides setting up the correct exposition based on the intended effect, composition is what makes the difference between a poor image and an image that triggers a reaction from the viewer. In my workshops I talk about the essential elements for creating bold and uncluttered images. Participants familiarize themselves with their camera settings while working on the composition of images. And what a better place to conduce creativity than Vancouver Island with its rugged coastline, beaches, mountains, rainforest, waterfalls and rivers; there are so many interesting subjects to capture.

The workshops last 3 hours or several days. During the 3-hour workshops, participants take manual control of their camera and practice the essential elements of composition in the field. The multiple days workshops are also intensive. Days are long because we take advantage of the light at dawn and at dusk, we explore several good spots and we talk about image processing. No matter the workshop, I love sharing my passion for photography with other photographers, amateurs or pros, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, suitable for creativity and dialogue.

So are you ready to explore photography on Vancouver Island?