Hornby Island, rain or shine

Rain in the forecast? No problem! A few years ago I invested in a ThinkTank rain-cover for my camera and before that I used a clear plastic sleeve with strings. No matter your budget, if you want to spend time in the field when it rains, you need to protect your gear. Yesterday, with my camera covered and my ‘waterproof’ boots, pants and jacket, I went to Hornby Island to verify the condition of some of my best spots for upcoming workshops. I also wanted to photograph some wildlife such as river otters and sea lions.

The best way to find out if sea lions are in the area is to stop and listen because they are particularly loud. Follow the barking sound and you’ll find their resting spot. I hid and watched them swim by and fish for a long time, without any luck getting a compelling image, but I got a few shots of some eagles and ravens feeding on the carcass of a sea lion. This is nature after all and it’s not always cute.

Towards the end of my excursion, I got lost in a patch of arbutus. Not physically lost but rather completely absorbed by the intricate shape and colour of these beautiful trees. The rain was advantageous to my compositions because it brought up the vivid colour of the bark and the soft light accentuated the texture.

Overall it was a fun day in the rain and the mud.